Matcha BSP based on TockOS

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  1. 6acda83 elfloader: major overhaul to support non-seL4 images by Sam Leffler · 9 weeks ago master
  2. 12b8304 Pin future-tasks version to 0.3.29 by Cindy Liu · 5 months ago
  3. bf6504c Mux I2S at Tock start by Alex Van Damme · 7 months ago
  4. ae9af87 Basic pinmux capsule / HAL by Alex Van Damme · 7 months ago
  5. 0f4e51d Merge "Fixed for updated SMC control, SPI loading in release" by Sam Leffler · 7 months ago

Matcha SW Repository

This project contains the support needed to build a TockOS artifact that can run on the Matcha security core, and integrated as part of the Shodan repository.


If you get this project from Project Shodan manifest, you are all set.

This project needs to be at <dir>/sw/matcha.

Code structure

  • app: TockOS applications (including the boot loader)
  • blob_fs: prototype implementation of a Blob filesystem (unused)
  • capsules: TockOS capsules
  • config: TockOS configuration for Matcha
  • hal: TockOS hal crates
  • platform: TockOS Matcha platform support
  • utils: utility code for apps & capsules