Add CSRs touched by riscv-tests, and a new `kisa` CSR

- riscv-tests uses a few CSRs that we did not explicitly implement
  (version/architecture CSRs) -- define them in the HDL so we can
  potentially give them meaningful values in the near future.
- Add a custom CSR `kisa`, which is intended to help software detect
  what version of Kelvin they're running on, and what features it
  supports. Initially, the value of the CSR is 0, which indicates that
  Kelvin only supports the features of the initial open-source release.

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Kelvin is a RISC-V32IM core with a custom instruction set.

Kelvin block diagram

More information on the design can be found in the overview.


Kelvin uses bazel as it's build system. The Verilated simulator for Kelvin can be generated using:

bazel build //tests/verilator_sim:core_sim

The verilog source for the Kelvin core can be generated using:

bazel build //hdl/chisel:core_cc_library_emit_verilog

Verilog source for the Matcha SoC can be generated using:

bazel clean --expunge  # To generate the ToT sha
bazel build //hdl/chisel:matcha_kelvin_verilog