sel4bench.h: update documentation and style

* Expand documentation of `sel4bench_enable_counters()`.
* Document `sel4bench_get_num_counter_chunks()`.
* Add missing @param and @return notations.
* Consistently use plurals in the strings for generic event names.
* Use Markdown backticks for literals (e.g., symbol names).
* Keep @param and @return descriptions terse (they should be noun
  phrases appropriate for tool tips).  Elaborations go in the function
* Don't abbreviate `sel4bench_init()` and `sel4bench_destroy()` as
  `_init()` and `_destroy()`, respectively.  Use the full names.
* Move documentation of constraint on number of counters to
  `sel4bench_get_num_counters()`, instead of duplicating it in two other
* Emphasise that the cycle counter is not a performance counter.
* Clarify reference to ARM1136 platform, a.k.a. "kzm".

Flag open questions:
* Should some of these prototypes and constant objects be moved to a
  "private" header file?

Minor style issues:
* Perform minor wordsmithing.
* Use hyphens more idiomatically.
* Wrap lines at 80 columns.
* Use two spaces between sentences for readability.
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  2. libsel4bench/
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  4. libsel4muslcsys/
  5. libsel4platsupport/
  6. libsel4serialserver/
  7. libsel4simple/
  8. libsel4simple-default/
  9. libsel4sync/
  10. libsel4test/
  11. libsel4utils/
  12. libsel4vka/
  13. libsel4vmm/
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seL4 Libraries

A collection of libraries for working on seL4.

  • libsel4allocman: an allocator for managing virtual memory, malloc memory and cspaces.
  • libsel4bench: a library with utilities for benchmarking on seL4.
  • libsel4debug: a library with utilities for debugging on seL4. Only useful when debugging a userlevel app; potentially hacky.
  • libsel4muslcsys: a library to support muslc for the root task.
  • libsel4platsupport: a wrapper around libplatsupport specificially for seL4.
  • libsel4simple: an interface which abstracts over the boot environment of a seL4 application.
  • libsel4simple-default: an implementation of simple for the master branch of the kernel.
  • libsel4simple-experimental: an implementatoin of simple for the experimental branch of the kernel.
  • libsel4sync: a synchronisation library that uses notifications to construct basic locks.
  • libsel4test: a very basic test infrastructure library.
  • libsel4utils: a library OS - Commonly used stuff, actively maintained: implements threads, processes, elf loading, virtual memory management etc.
  • libsel4vka: an allocation interface for seL4.
  • libsel4vspace: a virtual memory management interface for seL4.


The files in this repository are release under standard open source licenses. Please see individual file headers and the LICENSE_BSD2.txt file for details.