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  5. 5a16c9a fail cap checks if CONFIG_DEBUG_BUILD is not set by Axel Heider · 3 years, 3 months ago

seL4 Libraries

A collection of libraries for working on seL4.

  • libsel4allocman: an allocator for managing virtual memory, malloc memory and cspaces.
  • libsel4bench: a library with utilities for benchmarking on seL4.
  • libsel4debug: a library with utilities for debugging on seL4. Only useful when debugging a userlevel app; potentially hacky.
  • libsel4muslcsys: a library to support muslc for the root task.
  • libsel4platsupport: a wrapper around libplatsupport specificially for seL4.
  • libsel4simple: an interface which abstracts over the boot environment of a seL4 application.
  • libsel4simple-default: an implementation of simple for the master branch of the kernel.
  • libsel4simple-experimental: an implementatoin of simple for the experimental branch of the kernel.
  • libsel4sync: a synchronisation library that uses notifications to construct basic locks.
  • libsel4test: a very basic test infrastructure library.
  • libsel4utils: a library OS - Commonly used stuff, actively maintained: implements threads, processes, elf loading, virtual memory management etc.
  • libsel4vka: an allocation interface for seL4.
  • libsel4vspace: a virtual memory management interface for seL4.