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# Copyright 2016, NICTA
# This software may be distributed and modified according to the terms of
# the GNU General Public License version 2. Note that NO WARRANTY is provided.
# See "LICENSE_GPLv2.txt" for details.
* What do I need to build Cogent's ext2fs?
You need gcc and linux kernel headers!
* How do I compile ext2fs?
Compiling Cogent's ext2fs implementation should be as simple as typing `make' in the cogent/ directory.
* What version of the kernel has this been tested with?
It has been tested and works with Linux kernel version 3.14.7. Although you might be able to build
it against more recent kernel versions, we haven't tested it much and we can't guarantee that the module
will work as intended.
* Any additional flags I need to pass for building?
Running `make help' should give you all the options available.