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  1. 39ebbfe Pin Python wheel versions by Alex Van Damme · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 488e7aa Add compat shim for CHERI annotations. by Sam Leffler · 5 weeks ago
  3. da3b58e Remove matcha from WORKSPACE, tweak dual_cc_library by Alex Van Damme · 7 weeks ago
  4. 5d72431 Add matcha to workspace by Alex Van Damme · 8 weeks ago
  5. d2e920a Build device libraries via dual_cc_library if sparrow is selected by Alex Van Damme · 8 weeks ago


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About the project

OpenTitan is an open source silicon Root of Trust (RoT) project. OpenTitan will make the silicon RoT design and implementation more transparent, trustworthy, and secure for enterprises, platform providers, and chip manufacturers. OpenTitan is administered by lowRISC CIC as a collaborative project to produce high quality, open IP for instantiation as a full-featured product. See the OpenTitan site and OpenTitan docs for more information about the project.

About this repository

This repository contains hardware, software and utilities written as part of the OpenTitan project. It is structured as monolithic repository, or “monorepo”, where all components live in one repository. It exists to enable collaboration across partners participating in the OpenTitan project.


The project contains comprehensive documentation of all IPs and tools. You can access it online at

How to contribute

Have a look at CONTRIBUTING and our documentation on project organization and processes for guidelines on how to contribute code to this repository.


Unless otherwise noted, everything in this repository is covered by the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE for full text).