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* Copyright 2024 Google LLC
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "crt/kelvin.h"
#include "tflm/opt/opt.h"
#include "tflm/opt/util.h"
namespace kelvin::opt {
void ElementwiseAddS8(const int8_t* input1, const int8_t* input2,
const int32_t input1_offset, const int32_t input1_mult,
const int32_t input1_shift, const int32_t input2_offset,
const int32_t input2_mult, const int32_t input2_shift,
const int32_t left_shift, int8_t* output,
const int32_t output_offset, const int32_t output_mult,
const int32_t output_shift,
const int32_t output_activation_min,
const int32_t output_activation_max,
const int32_t block_size) {
int blocks = block_size;
int vl;
const int32_t input1_shift_mul = 1 << LEFT_SHIFT(input1_shift);
const int32_t input2_shift_mul = 1 << LEFT_SHIFT(input2_shift);
while (blocks) {
int count = std::min(blocks, vl);
// Widen input1 to 32-bit wide values (in vm0, vm1, vm2, vm3).
vld_b_lp_xx_m(vm0, input1, count);
vaddw_h_vx_m(vm0, vm0, 0);
vaddw_w_vx_m(vm2, vm1, input1_offset);
vaddw_w_vx_m(vm0, vm0, input1_offset);
// Widen input2 to 32-bit wide values (in vm4, vm5, vm6, vm7).
vld_b_lp_xx_m(vm4, input2, count);
vaddw_h_vx_m(vm4, vm4, 0);
vaddw_w_vx_m(vm6, vm5, input2_offset);
vaddw_w_vx_m(vm4, vm4, input2_offset);
// Apply left_shift to all inputs.
vsll_w_vx_m(vm0, vm0, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm1, vm1, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm2, vm2, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm3, vm3, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm4, vm4, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm5, vm5, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm6, vm6, left_shift);
vsll_w_vx_m(vm7, vm7, left_shift);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm0, vm0, input1_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm1, vm1, input1_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm2, vm2, input1_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm3, vm3, input1_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm4, vm4, input2_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm5, vm5, input2_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm6, vm6, input2_shift_mul);
vmul_w_vx_m(vm7, vm7, input2_shift_mul);
rescale_m(vm0, vm0, input1_mult, input1_shift, input1_offset);
rescale_m(vm1, vm1, input1_mult, input1_shift, input1_offset);
rescale_m(vm2, vm2, input1_mult, input1_shift, input1_offset);
rescale_m(vm3, vm3, input1_mult, input1_shift, input1_offset);
rescale_m(vm4, vm4, input2_mult, input2_shift, input2_offset);
rescale_m(vm5, vm5, input2_mult, input2_shift, input2_offset);
rescale_m(vm6, vm6, input2_mult, input2_shift, input2_offset);
rescale_m(vm7, vm7, input2_mult, input2_shift, input2_offset);
// Sum the rescaled inputs.
vadd_w_vv_m(vm0, vm0, vm4);
vadd_w_vv_m(vm1, vm1, vm5);
vadd_w_vv_m(vm2, vm2, vm6);
vadd_w_vv_m(vm3, vm3, vm7);
// Rescale the summed output.
rescale_m(vm0, vm0, output_mult, output_shift, output_offset);
rescale_m(vm1, vm1, output_mult, output_shift, output_offset);
rescale_m(vm2, vm2, output_mult, output_shift, output_offset);
rescale_m(vm3, vm3, output_mult, output_shift, output_offset);
// Clamp to the provided range.
vmin_w_vx_m(vm0, vm0, output_activation_max);
vmin_w_vx_m(vm1, vm1, output_activation_max);
vmin_w_vx_m(vm2, vm2, output_activation_max);
vmin_w_vx_m(vm3, vm3, output_activation_max);
vmax_w_vx_m(vm0, vm0, output_activation_min);
vmax_w_vx_m(vm1, vm1, output_activation_min);
vmax_w_vx_m(vm2, vm2, output_activation_min);
vmax_w_vx_m(vm3, vm3, output_activation_min);
// Swizzle and narrow back to bytes.
vsraqs_b_vx_m(vm0, vm0, 0);
// Store to memory.
vst_b_lp_xx_m(vm0, output, count);
blocks -= count;
} // namespace kelvin::opt