Fix LoadImage at 4k boundary

LoadImage can work on images as multiples of 4k, resulting the last segment with 0 length. Take care of this case

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Kelvin Instruction Simulator

This project contains the instruction simulator of Kelvin ML core based on MPACT-Sim and MPACT-RiscV. The simulator supports RISC-V 32im configuration + Kelvin-specific SIMD instructions. Please review ISA Spec for more detail

Project structure

sim         Simulator implementations
  ˪ proto   Trace dump protobuf definition.
  ˪ renode  Renode( integration interface
  ˪ test    Simulated instruction / Framework function unit tests

Build simulator

To build all targets, run

bazel build //...

Specifically, the simulator standalone binary can be built with

bazel build //sim:kelvin_sim