Public ML model examples

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Public ML model zoo

This is the model zoo for public models used in Shodan vector core examples.

Model discription


The person presence detection quantized model from


Mobilenet V1 float-point model from


Mobilenet V1 quantized model from


Mobilenet V2 quantized model from


HPS (Human Presence Sensor) non-tiled quantized model from

Visualize the model

For tflite models, use the web-based visualization tool to inspect the file. The tool supports drag and drop or file GUI.

Test data

Test data for sample model inputs are in the “test_data” directory. Currently, only test data for the Human Presence Sensor model are included.


Test image files for Human Presence Sensor model, from ChromeOS codebase.

Model executables

For each model, the corresponding model executable under iree_exec can be built with the .c/.h files using sw/vec_iree project as library. They can be run as unit tests via lit framework using Renode or QEMU.