Merge "sel4: Move sel4 kernel and libs to 3p"
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 - *toolchain*:
     [IREE]( ML toolchain
-## How we do software development for the Open Secura platform
+## How we do software development for the Open Se Cura platform
 Our primary development environment uses Renode for simulation of the Open Se Cura
 hardware design. Renode allows us to do rapid software/hardware co-design of
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     WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
     See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
     limitations under the License.
+## Contributing to Open Se Cura
+Going forward, we’ll continue to evolve Open Se Cura in the open and seek to
+gradually onboard additional partners to contribute to the codebase. Please
+contact for more information.
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   <!-- END cantrip components -->
   <!-- BEGIN ML toolchain-->
-  <!--TODO(b/301616633): unpin the release -->
-  <project revision="735a77e4116cb91e2ad1d3a709ec5cf456b35c30" name="3p/openxla/iree" path="toolchain/iree" />
+  <project revision="latest-snapshot" name="3p/openxla/iree" path="toolchain/iree" />
   <project name="sw/vec_iree"                     path="sw/vec_iree" />
   <project name="ml-models-public"                path="ml/ml-models-public" />
   <!-- END ML toolchain -->