Update python virtual environment name

Change the repo python virtual environment name. This is a breaking
change. Repo synced after this commit need to rerun `m prereqs` or
`./scripts/install-prereqs -p scripts/python-requirements.txt -p
hw/opentitan-upstream/python-requirements.txt` or `mv cache/shodan-venv
cache/python-venv` to set up the python virtual environment.

Change-Id: Ice81a0e3f5ab8af3ddc991821765a25da0691964
1 file changed
tree: a4d00b9fd212abc190a217004f301e877c3bd893
  1. patches/
  2. platforms/
  3. cantrip.mk
  4. cantrip_apps.mk
  5. cantrip_builtins.mk
  6. cantrip_sel4test.mk
  7. cantrip_tests.mk
  8. cantrip_tools.mk
  10. helpmemake.awk
  12. Makefile
  13. minisel.mk
  14. preamble.mk
  15. README.md
  16. setup.sh
  17. shodan.code-workspace
  18. toolchain.mk
  19. verilator.mk

Top Level Build repository

This is the project containing all the top-level build targets of all the projects within the GoB to set up the environment and build the e2e artifacts.