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This is a CAmkES component that is intended to abstract over the TX2's Boot and Power Management Processor (BPMP) co-processor and multiplex client access to it.


This component needs to be used with the single-threaded module that performs the initialisation process, and client request routing the component relies on.


For clients to use the functionality exposed by the component, the clients will have to connect to the CAmkES interface that the following CPP defintion exposes.


The definition exposes a BPMP RPC interface that is expected to be connected via the seL4RPCNoThreads connector. However, there is a helper macro which simplifies this process and also registers a BPMP interface on the client's interface registration service (ps_interface_ops_t).

BPMPServer_client_connections(client_name, client, server_name, server)

Supported platforms

The component only supports the TX2 platform as the device is exclusive to the TX2.


There are currently no limitations with this component.