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This repository contains various CAmkES applications, default configurations and testing scripts.

  apps/       Example applications
  configs/    Default configurations
  test/       Testing scripts

This is not a standalone repository. Checkout the camkes-manifest repository or go to our website for details.

The applications in this repository are:

adder: demonstrates the use of dataport wrapper to pass pointers via CAmkES RPC

epit: demonstrates the use of CAmkES interrupt connector to receive hardware interrupts

exchangestring: demonstrates how to pass string arguments between components

filter: demonstrates the use of a component to filter communication




keyboard: demonstrates the use of IO ports and interrupts in a CAmkES component

lockserver: demonstrates how to use built-in mutex


multiclient: domonstrates multiple clients sharing one connection

multiplier: demonstrates the use of arrays as arguments

mutex: demonstrates the use of user-defined connectors in CAmkES

rotate: demonstrates the use of user-defined types as the arguments of an interface


socket: demonstrates the use of user-defined dataports

structs: demonstrates the use of struct and array attributes

terminal: a prototype for a secure terminal system

uart: demonstrates how to access hardware device memory