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cpu: CPU.CortexM @ sysbus
cpuType: "cortex-m4f"
nvic: nvic
nvic: IRQControllers.NVIC @ sysbus 0xE000E000
-> cpu@0
dwt: Miscellaneous.DWT @ sysbus 0xE0001000
frequency: 72000000
rom: Memory.MappedMemory @ sysbus 0x00000000
size: 0x10000
code_ram: Memory.MappedMemory @ {
sysbus 0x10058000;
sysbus 0x20058000
size: 0x68000
data_ram: Memory.MappedMemory @ {
sysbus 0x200C0000;
sysbus 0x100C0000
size: 0x17800
battery_backed_ram: Memory.MappedMemory @ sysbus 0x400AF000
// Size should be 0x40
size: 0x400
internal_flash: Memory.MappedMemory @ sysbus 0x64000000
size: 0x100000
nvicIrq33: Miscellaneous.CombinedInput @ none
numberOfInputs: 2
-> nvic@33
nvicIrq32: Miscellaneous.CombinedInput @ none
numberOfInputs: 2
-> nvic@32
nvicIrq38: Miscellaneous.CombinedInput @ none
numberOfInputs: 2
-> nvic@38
nvicIrq39: Miscellaneous.CombinedInput @ none
numberOfInputs: 2
-> nvic@39
cr_uart1: UART.NPCX_UART @ sysbus 0x400E0000
IRQ -> nvicIrq33@0
DMAReceive -> mdma1@0
cr_uart2: UART.NPCX_UART @ sysbus 0x400E2000
IRQ -> nvicIrq32@0
DMAReceive -> mdma2@0
cr_uart3: UART.NPCX_UART @ sysbus 0x400E4000
IRQ -> nvicIrq38@0
DMAReceive -> mdma3@0
cr_uart4: UART.NPCX_UART @ sysbus 0x400E6000
IRQ -> nvicIrq39@0
DMAReceive -> mdma4@0
itim32_1: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400B0000
-> nvic@28
itim32_2: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400B2000
-> nvic@27
itim32_3: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400B4000
-> nvic@17
itim32_4: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400B6000
-> nvic@43
itim32_5: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400B8000
-> nvic@44
itim32_6: Timers.NPCX_ITIM32 @ sysbus 0x400BA000
-> nvic@45
image_type: Memory.ArrayMemory @ sysbus 0x4000C009
size: 0x1
twd: Timers.NPCX_TWD @ sysbus 0x400D8000
-> nvic@31
mtc: Timers.NPCX_MTC @ sysbus 0x400B7000
-> nvic@5
mdma1: DMA.NPCX_MDMA @ sysbus 0x40011100
sourceAddress: 0x400E0002
destinationAddress: 0x400E0000
-> nvicIrq33@1
mdma2: DMA.NPCX_MDMA @ sysbus 0x40011200
sourceAddress: 0x400E2002
destinationAddress: 0x400E2000
-> nvicIrq32@1
mdma3: DMA.NPCX_MDMA @ sysbus 0x40011300
sourceAddress: 0x400E4002
destinationAddress: 0x400E4000
-> nvicIrq38@1
mdma4: DMA.NPCX_MDMA @ sysbus 0x40011400
sourceAddress: 0x400E6002
destinationAddress: 0x400E6000
-> nvicIrq39@1
mdma5: DMA.NPCX_MDMA @ sysbus 0x40011500
// For MDMA5 the source and destination addresses can be different
// based on the state of `I3C_MS` flag in the `DEV_CTL3` register
// of the System Configuration peripheral.
// This is currently not implemented.
sourceAddress: 0x400E00C0
destinationAddress: 0x400E00B0
spip: SPI.NPCX_SPIP @ sysbus 0x400D2000
lfcg: Miscellaneous.NPCX_LFCG @ sysbus 0x400B5100
hfcg: Miscellaneous.NPCX_HFCG @ sysbus 0x400B5000
fiu: SPI.NPCX_FIU @ sysbus 0x40020000
internal_flash_controller: SPI.NPCX_Flash @ fiu
memory: internal_flash
gpio0: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40081000
gpio1: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40083000
gpio2: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40085000
gpio3: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40087000
gpio4: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40089000
gpio5: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4008B000
gpio6: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4008D000
gpio7: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4008F000
gpio8: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40091000
gpio9: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40093000
gpioa: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40095000
gpiob: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40097000
gpioc: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x40099000
gpiod: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4009B000
gpioe: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4009D000
gpiof: GPIOPort.NPCX_GPIO @ sysbus 0x4009F000
// DEV_CTL4 register from the System Configuration peripheral
// Its `Write-Protect Internal Flash` bit is used to force
// write protection of the internal flash
DEV_CTL4: Python.PythonPeripheral @ sysbus 0x400C3006
size: 0x1
initable: true
script: '''
if request.isInit:
value = 0xA
is_locked = False
elif request.isRead:
request.value = value
elif request.isWrite:
if is_locked:
request.value |= WRITE_PROTECTION
elif request.value & WRITE_PROTECTION:
is_locked = True
value = request.value
value = request.value
// Script contains implementation for select bootrom functions
// that on hardware would be present in board's read-only memory
Machine ExecutePythonFromFile @scripts/pydev/
Tag <0x400C3000 0x400> "System Configuration"
Tag <0x400F8000 0x400> "FLM"
Tag <0x40011000 0x100> "GDMA"
Tag <0x400BB000 0x100> "MIWU0"
Tag <0x400BD000 0x100> "MIWU1"
Tag <0x400BF000 0x100> "MIWU2"
Tag <0x400A3000 0x100> "Keyboard scan"
Tag <0x400A5000 0x100> "System Glue Functions"
Tag <0x400B1000 0x100> "PS/2"
Tag <0x400E1000 0x100> "MTF16-1"
Tag <0x400E3000 0x100> "MTF16-2"
Tag <0x400E5000 0x100> "MTF16-3"
Tag <0x400BE000 0x100> "ITIM64"
Tag <0x400D7000 0x100> "LTC"
Tag <0x40080000 0x100> "PWM0"
Tag <0x40082000 0x100> "PWM1"
Tag <0x40084000 0x100> "PWM2"
Tag <0x40086000 0x100> "PWM3"
Tag <0x40088000 0x100> "PWM4"
Tag <0x4008A000 0x100> "PWM5"
Tag <0x4008C000 0x100> "PWM6"
Tag <0x4008E000 0x100> "PWM7"
Tag <0x400D1000 0x100> "ADC"
Tag <0x40009000 0x100> "SMBUS0"
Tag <0x4000B000 0x100> "SMBUS1"
Tag <0x400C0000 0x100> "SMBUS2"
Tag <0x400C2000 0x100> "SMBUS3"
Tag <0x40008000 0x100> "SMBUS4"
Tag <0x40017000 0x100> "SMBUS5"
Tag <0x40018000 0x100> "SMBUS6"
Tag <0x40019000 0x100> "SMBUS7"
Tag <0x400D4000 0x100> "PECI"
Tag <0x4000F000 0x200> "SHI"
Tag <0x400AF100 0x100> "BBRM"
Tag <0x4000C000 0x100> "MDC"
Tag <0x40007000 0x100> "OTPI"
Tag <0x4000D000 0x100> "PMC"
Tag <0x400C3000 0x100> "Debugger Interface"
Tag <0x400C7000 0x100> "Keyboard and Mouse Interface"
Tag <0x400C9000 0x100> "PM1"
Tag <0x400CB000 0x100> "PM2"
Tag <0x400CD000 0x100> "PM3"
Tag <0x400CF000 0x100> "PM4"
Tag <0x4000E000 0x100> "Host Modules"
Tag <0x40010000 0x80> "SHM"
Tag <0x40010080 0x80> "eSHM"
Tag <0x400C1000 0x100> "MSWC"
Tag <0x4000A000 0x100> "eSPI_SIF"